Sunday, August 21, 2011

Book Review BLUE FIRE BURNING By Hobb Whittons

Author: Hobb Whittons
Released: March 2011 By AuthorHouse
Pages: 485
Format I Read It In: Paperback

Blurb: In the dead of night, a covered wagon driven by a hooded, faceless being is careering through the forest at breakneck speed. Inside the wagon, sit two jittery Goblin men: Grot and Mouldy. Suddenly, the contents of the sack they are staring at begin to glow...
Consumed by the desire for revenge, the Goblins' wicked Dark Mistress sets diminutive winged telepaths, the Pahleen, a riddle they must work out if they are to get back what they have lost and save the world known as Wadjamaat.
Desperately, King Kilron searches high and low but finds no clue. Then, something unexpected happens in Haggles Cove and the race is on again...but there is a sting in the tail. To have a chance of succeeding, Kilron must now face the prospect of doing something always forbidden to his ancient race.
Meanwhile, unaware of the planet's 'ticking clock', the cosmopolitan human population of the walled naval port of Bellana are busy getting their wondrous Mermaid Stadium ready for the grand Argia Final. With canine companion Wolf in tow, country girl Hahmi Merkin gets a hostile reception when she enters the city. She heads for the sanctuary of blacksmith friend, Aristide Brindle's house where she leaves her horse and cart. Entrusted with his son's 'paddywhack', she sets off for the stadium. What happens after that is beyond even her wildest imagining...
Throughout this magical and marauding tale, love, trust and a craving to belong do battle against prejudice, religious fanaticism and the lust for power - and the stakes could not be higher.

My Thoughts: Right from the beginning, I felt swept into the plot for this hard-to-put-down book. It really struck me as a very original and fresh story yet with the familierness of a loved tale. The pacing in this book was exquisite never drying up and always providing just enough suspense. The characters and creatures of sorts provided an amusing atmosphere, yet strangely enough, I could connect with a number of them especially Hahmi, Wolf, and some others. Surprisingly, being his first, the organization and structure in this book were amazing! Not many first-time authors can pull that off. The length of this book was just right, enough pages to satisfy, but not so many that the reader drowns in them. The main themes in this novel, friendship, bravery, trust, and loyalty, are themes seen in a lot of works, but they appeared fresh and very original in this epic tale.  Blue Fire Burning needs to be read by people of all ages, there's magic in there for everyone!

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  1. Hobb Whittons is my dad and i have started reading the book ,it's very enjoyable but some words i find a bit difficult to read.I think the volcabulary that my dad uses is very rich and beautiful i hope you all enjoy the story

    Jessica (11)

  2. I'd never even heard of this book or this author -- but I'm intrigued! Nice interesting review :) and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I haven't come across this book before, but by the sounds of your review it looks awesome! -adds to wishlist- :)

  4. Sounds incredibly intense. Great review!

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