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Oh, you found me! I already like you for that! So, who am I you ask?

My name is Harpreet, I am a 18 year old, daughter, sister, friend, teammate, runner and avid READER. Before I went off to college, I read in my suburban town right by the Windy City, where I ran cross country and track. When I'm not doing one of the following, reading or running, I try to be a normal girl, and since that's harder than it sounds, I usually just stick to my books and runs. Too bad I can't do both at the same time. I'm not much of a picky reader, but I do have to admit, Young Adult fiction will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, (yes, even when I am no longer a young adult).

How was A Spark of Interest - Books to Read born?

Well, in the late winter/early spring of 2011, I was taking a class at my high school called Gifted (no that does not mean I'm the next Einstein). Anyways, in order to pass second semester of Gifted, every student (there were only 13 of us) had to have a semester long ORIGINAL project. And boy was my creative self not working, I couldn't think of a single original and unique idea for a project. My teacher, who also happens to be one of the xc coaches, asked me, "Harpreet, what are your interests?" He was trying to be helpful, but my response was typical, "I dunno, reading and running?". So after countless *le sighs* and extremely unoriginal project ideas (build a computer, plant a tree, volunteer at a senior center, etc.) I thought, well, I can't really do much with running, let's do something with reading. I began talking to some of my teammates who are bookworms at heart but couldn't ever find a good book to read, and some who disliked reading in general because of the required reading at school . This gave me a mission. A mission to SPARK AN INTEREST for those who don't like to read or can't find a good book. I decided to begin a blog and began to advertise it on my Facebook page and got my teammates to spread the word, before long, BINGO, I had myself a project for Gifted that I was actually enjoying. My beginnings were humble (EXTREMELY humble). I would just write a little "review" on a book I had recently read and told my audience if it was a worthwhile read in my opinion and what kinds of people would enjoy it, but before long, I stumbled upon other book blogs, I was in shock! My "original" idea wasn't original at all! There were countless book blogs and book reviewers out there! Still, I managed to pull an "A" in my Gifted class. That summer, I decided to keep going with it, and before I knew it, I had become a book reviewer too! (:

Yay for happy endings!

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