Monday, May 23, 2011

Review for Author Lynn Kurland

Landless knight Sir Rhys de Piaget and Gwennelyn of Seagrave have loved each other since they first meet when he is a young lad of fourteen and she a child of nine. Rhys rescues Gwen from a pigsty and earns her undying admiration by forcing an apology out of the older boy who put her there. Rhys, for his part, is charmed by this free-spirited and intelligent young girl, though he knows an alliance between them is hopeless. A subsequent meeting five years later proves that theirs is no quick infatuation. Gwen loves Rhys; Rhys loves Gwen. Since she is promised to the odious, but wealthy, Alain of Ayre the only hope for them is for Rhys to amass enough money to bribe her away. So begins Another Chance to Dream, another romantic by Lynn Kurland. I have enjoyed this author's writing in the past, and her style and technical ability remain unchallenged. However, this story left me unmoved and largely uninterested in the fates of the characters. The novel's rather dark overtones cast a pall over the book, and the majority of interaction between Rhys and Gwen was bleak at best and downright depressing at worst.

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