Monday, May 23, 2011

Review for Author Lauren Kate

Luce is sent to the Sword & Cross School, a Savannah Georgia institute for troubled teens, after a mysterious accident in which another boy is burned to death.  There she makes friends with Arianne and Penn, and becomes as obsessed with the elusive Daniel Grigori as another student, Cam, seems to be obsessed with her.  Luce also makes an instant enemy, the hostile stiletto-heeled Molly, who baptizes Luce with a tray of meatloaf and beets in the cafeteria. While Luce and Penn try to unravel Daniel’s secrets, mysterious accidents continue to occur, including a library fire that takes the life of another student while Luce, Penn, and agreeable librarian Sophia Bliss manage to escape.  But nothing and no one can be taken at face value at Sword and Cross School.The story unraveled slowly and deliberately, and, like Luce, I was still discovering things on the very last page. It left me very eager for the sequels which I will read soon.

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