Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th, 2011- First Time Blogger!

Hello Everyone!

 As most of you know that I recently decided to make my Gifted Expo project to revolve around books instead of just volunteering. I thought why not also become a first time blogger? In this blog you will get all the scoop on the hottest books that everyone wants to read, the books that SHOULD be read but aren't well known, the books to avoid, and you will also get updates about my volunteer work. So sit back, grab a good book, and blast off on an epic journey!



  1. This will be good because I need more book suggestions :)

  2. Harpreet- what types of volunteering are you doing? and how does it fit in with blogging about books?

  3. Thats soo cool!!! Kristin is right this is good, I need more book suggestions.


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